About Elina Juusola

Elina Juusola was born in Finland but at a young age started to travel the world, first with her parents and then with her family. Her education was very international.

She had primary and secondary education in Finland and Australia and attended university in Sweden, Finland, and Australia. She earned a Masters' in Humanities which included History of Ideas and Sciences, English Philology, Education, Sociology and Women’s Studies from Sweden.

She was privileged to be one of the founding members of the Swedish Women’s Studies Seminars (Kvinnoforskningseminariet) and have been very active at the grass-roots level of the international Women’s Movement, including the Women’s Peace Movement. As a performer, she composed many songs for the movement, including ‘Women and Children do not Need to Think’, ‘Do not Cry, Research’ and ‘Long Life for Erotism’.

She found her research niche through the Women’s International Conference circuit and researched, toured and talked about pornography and violence against women for fifteen years. She also researched children’s play habits and the relationships between culture and play when working as a promoter for the Barbie doll and other toys in Scandinavia.

In 1995, she moved to Australia, where she worked in care of the aged and with community organisations before returning to university for her business degree in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies. Her ambition is to be the best grandmother there is. She devotes her spare time to writing and researching about burning world issues. Her secret hobbies are upcycling tin cans to art and playing Lego with grandkids.

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